Slydini Knotted Silks


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When asked to name his favorite trick from the many classic routines he created, Slydini would always say, "The silks." This trick, now known throughout the magic world as Slydini's Knotted Silks - is a masterpiece of magic. The effect is very simple: Two silks that have been tightly knotted together magically untie themselves! Even under increasingly impossible conditions - even when the spectators tie the silks together themselves - they still melt apart! Slydini's Knotted Silks is a magical classic and its creator not only entertained and mystified audiences all over the world with it but also baffled some of the best minds in magic in his day. Now, with the instructional DVD featuring Master Magician Rocco Silano, Slydini's legacy can be yours.

Now for the first time, the Slydini Silks are being offered in six great colors: Red, White, Royal Blue, Gold, Green, and Black.

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