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Las Vegas Magic Shop - Online Store

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Welcome to - a division of Maynard's Magic Company ! Here you'll find some of our most popular magic and novelty items as seen at our Las Vegas Magic Shops at the Stratosphere, Tropicana and Riviera Casino Hotels ! Make sure you check out our New Items we are adding each week ! Shop by item catagories or use our convenient Search Page.
Have FUN and THANKS for shopping !
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$ 39.95

Child's Magic Kit

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$ 34.95


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$ 29.95

Scotch and Soda Coin Trick

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$ 24.95

Ultimate Levitation System (Floating Dollar Bill)

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Deluxe Magic Kit with Instructional DVD
Now our new "Magic Show in a Box" with over 350 tricks includes a great Instructional DVD that clearly shows how to perform each of these amazing tricks ! Includes the Floating Dollar Bill, the Svengali and Wizard (tapered) Decks of cards and Books, Sponge Balls and Book, Silk in the Fist Vanish and Book, The 3 Rope Mystery and many, many more. Great gift for ages 9 and above. Over $180 value.

Price: $ 74.95
Illusionary Card Sleeve aka WOW Card Trick !
Here's the HOT NEW TRICK from the LAS VEGAS MAGIC CONVENTION! A spectator chooses a card from ANY DECK and signs his/her name across the face of the selected card. The card is replaced back into the deck and shuffled. The performer picks a different card from the deck and places it into a transparent plastic sleeve. The card visibly MORPHS like computer graphics INTO THE SIGNED CARD! The card is removed from the sleeve and BOTH are handed out for examination!

Price: $ 44.95
Rising Cards
This is our best selling card effect ! First.. any number of cards can be selected and returned to the deck. Then each selected card - one at a time - RISES out of the deck with no help from the magician. Completely self working. This is a killer ! Bicycle Poker size cards for maximum effect.

Price: $ 29.95
The Appearing Card Box - NEW !
A beautiful black acrylic box is shown empty . A card is selected by a spectator, signed and returned to the deck. The magician explains he will find the card without even looking, merely by using his sense of touch. Placing the deck behind his back, he feels through the deck and brings the deck out with the selected card on the face of the pack - it is the wrong card! The acrylic box is picked up and opened. Inside is a folded playing card. The card is spilled out onto the table. The spectator picks up and unfolds the card - it is the spectators signed card ! TRULY AMAZING !

Price: $ 44.95

We offer FREE SHIPPING to ANYWHERE for all orders of $150 or more !

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